Use the most reliable and cost-effective service to be in touch with your clients worldwide-Amazon SES with TECHViA- a name you would be proud to collaborate with.

Amazon Simple Email Services or simply Amazon SES is an email sending service by Amazon. It is designed to help digital marketers and application developers for sending marketing, notification and transaction emails.

To avail of all the benefits of Amazon SES, an experienced and trust-worthy hand is required. We at TECHViA after spending years in the online marketing industry have mastered the art of providing good quality work with high success rate.

  Benefits of working with us :

 To integrate Amazon SES directly into your existing applications, we help you to use SMTP interface or one of the AWS SDKs.

 If you want we can also integrate the email sending capabilities of Amazon into your software.

 We make sure that emails sent by you directly hit the inbox.

 Amazon SES provides content filtering technologies, dedicated IP addresses and many more features that help in maintaining a good rapport.

 You can apply your own rules for sending emails by using ‘configuration sets’ feature.

 You can also send notification messages, transactional messages and receive incoming emails by using Amazon SES service.

Enjoy the benefits of this amazing, flexible and highly scalable email service and be a successful brand known for its best services. Contact us to avail this service from experienced professionals at quite affordable prices.

                                                            Setup Cost

                                                    G Suite                      2,500/-
                                                    Amazon SES              3,000/-
                                                    Mail Grid                      3,500/-
                                                    Premium Mail              2,500/-
                                                    Microsoft Office 365      2,500/-
                                                    ZOHO Mail              2,500/-

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