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A website is the face of online business, it has to be appealing and informative that attracts a good number of visitors. We are known for creating unmatchable and highly-designed websites that will definitely be going to boost your business beyond your thoughts. Our dedication to work and meeting deadlines makes us different from others. We are a good mix of professional designers and technical experts that never leaves any corners unturned in doing their responsibility. We have a habit of remaining updated with latest technologies that benefit our clients a lot. Having expertise in various tools like Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop and flash, we can do anything that the client wants for their website.

Single Page Static Website Cost :
The most cost-effective website is a single page static website. It has only one page containing all the information. Whatever information you have regarding the business, product or services all are at one page that is the home page.

The cost of this single page website starts from 3500/- including domain & hosting.

This single-page website cost in India may vary depending on website development company and developer.

Content on a Single Page:
According to this factor, the more the efforts or Content used to make a single page of the website, the more will be the cost.

Website Development Company
This factor says that the more famous the company you choose to build your website, the more will be the charges they will take.

So, What is the cost of a static website in India?

The basic starting price of a static website in India is from 3000-5000 and can go up to 1,00000. Basically you can say that the more the content you want to put in your website the more will be the cost of it.

Static Website Cost Based on the Pages

S.No.   Pages Price
1.             1-5 5,000/-
2.             6-12 10,000/-
3.             13-20 13,000/-
Why Choose Static Website?
Since static websites are not so much costly, therefore they are the best ways for running a small business online.

Some advantages of a static website are:-

Not Security Issue
Since there is no database involved, i.e., there is no headache of data loss or threat of code injection.

No Connection Error
“The connection could not be established”.This is a database error which occurs on the sites that use database and can’t make the connection with it.

Since there is no database used in the static website,i.e, there is no problem of connection establishment.

Good Page Load Time
Since there is no database involved, the static websites are more speedy and easy to load

The loading speed of the static website is much faster than the dynamic website(site having the database or CMS).

Low Price
The static websites are less costly and the minimum starting cost of a website is 3000

Why we are ahead of our competes?

 Our websites are SEO friendly that can be tracked on Google easily which is a really good sign of increasing traffic on the website.

 All pages of our website come with Eco=friendly title, Meta description, and Google Web Master Verification

 You get 6 months of free support from our technical person that will resolve any of your issues with websites.

 We provide free Text logo on your website making things within your budget.

 Designs created by us are 100 % responsive.

 We provide free Linux Hosting server for 1 year.

 Our websites are completely customizable. Any changes to be done in the future can be done easily.

We want every business should avail benefits from our exclusive web designing. To make this possible, we have come up with special plans that can be customized as per any business irrespective of its size and are affordable too.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us and witness your business in the digital world.

Our Features

Easy To Manage


We provides the best static website that is bound to boost your online business.


The website created by us is fully customizable with design, code and everything mentioned.


Website created by us has a 100% responsive design having different looks as per the device.


Website created by us is SEO friendly that can be easily tracked by Google.


All pages on the website come with SEO-friendly Title, Meta description and Google webmaster verification.


Control panel provided by us has all the details including hosting login details for Email ID creation, Dns Add, etc.


We provide 6 months of free support that helps in resolving all issues related to the website.


We provides a free Text logo for the website created by us.


we provide free Linux Hosting server for 1 year.

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